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ITS Webinar: 'Work and Life After COVIC-19'

This webinar addresses how the use of mobility data strategies as a means to understand and influence behaviour will assist transport organisations to adapt to a ‘new normal’ as we adjust to life after COVID-19.

DSpark’s Country Head, Paul Rybicki and Director for Data Science, Adrian Ellison participated in ITS' Webinar: 'Work and Life After COVID-19: impacts on the approach to transport planning and modelling.’

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DSpark Presents at UTS & AI Forum

UTS recently invited DSpark Country Head – Paul Rybicki to participate in their Transport and AI Research Forum during December. A great forum to discuss the role mobility data will play in planning the future of transport.

This event brought fresh insight into the power of science through data and AI solutions, the true government needs for managing transport problems and the need to always innovative in adopting industrial solutions.

DSpark Partners with MIT and SA Government

DSpark has partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Adelaide’s Living Lab to develop insights designed to boost tourism in South Australia through the use of Big Data. 

Big data mobility analytics has never been more relevant than now as it plays an integral role in shaping our world and economy. This initiative aims to develop insights by leveraging DSpark data product and cutting-edge social behavioural science provided by MIT to promote tourism in South Australia.

DSpark Partners with oOh!media on their Smart Reach Platform

DSpark’s mobile data has been integrated into oOh!media’s Smart Reach – a planning tool which enables advertisers to maximise their media spend and reach 25% more buyer audience through unmatched targeting across the media landscape. Smart Reach, has been described by CEO of oOh!, Brendon Cook, as “the most robust data grouping by location anywhere in the world.”

Big Data Boosting Tourism Growth in South Australia

DSpark has partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Adelaide’s Living Lab to develop insights designed to boost tourism in South Australia through the use of Big Data.

DSpark Partners with OOH! Media targeting Chinese Tourists visiting Australia

DSpark has partnered with oOh!media, Australia's leading Out-Of-Home media company, in a study aimed at helping advertisers better engage the Chinese tourist market.

ITS World Congress

A fantastic week at ITS World Congress 2019 at Suntec Convention centre in Singapore - with our Country Head of DSpark Australia, Paul Rybicki - presenting as part of the UTS Future Mobility Lab session on Crowd analysis and modelling.

DSpark showcased the value of transport organisations utilising mobility data analytics to better inform future planning and creating more livable cities and seamless transport options for people living in high density areas.

QMS Media Unveils Data Platform for OOH Insights & Measurement

Digital outdoor media company, QMS Media, has today launched its industry first intelligent data and insights platform DYNAMiQ, that will deliver clients a greater understanding of their audiences to more effectively plan and execute in today’s growing digital out-of-home (DOOH) sector.

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