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Combining data sources to uncover insights and make informed CAPEX investment recommendations.

Optimise your nextcapital expenditure investment

Traditional telecommunication capital expenditure investment planning approach tends to focus predominantly on addressing congestion – resulting in over-deployment in most congested sites but often overlooking other opportunities to drive overall performance and customer value.

DataSpark CAPEX Optimizer© is an advanced analytics solution which brings “value based planning” approach to CAPEX investments while putting your most important customers right at the centre of your decision making.

It’s a data driven decision support system that ensures the most optimal deployment of scarce CAPEX resources in order to concurrently maximise a mix of strategic objectives ranging from revenue optimisation, profitability, customer experience, high value customer focus and more.

DataSpark CAPEX Optimizer© leverages data at its most granular level – and then combines multiple data sources at scale to uncover insights that drive investment recommendations in a way that is not possible otherwise.

Key highlights of DataSpark Capex Optimizer©

Key Highlights of DataSpark Capex Optimizer©

- Delivers an optimised RAN investment plan on a site-by-site basis: recommendations at site/sector level, technology, frequency level, aligned with upgrade policies of the telco

Optimises concurrently across a range of strategic investment objectives: Revenues, profitability, customer experience, churn impact, PRB utilisation, high value customers etc.

Transparent, automated and repeatable methodologies cut down time and effort, and generate high quality results: enables rapid plan creation, what-if scenarios, side by side comparisons and on-demand analysis

Drives fact based, common understanding across sales, marketing, network and finance: cuts through organisational silos for a shared, aligned view backed by facts and data

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